How do I know if I qualify for medical supplies that I need?
If you have Medicare and Medical you might be eligible to qualify for supplies.

I need medical supplies for my medical conditions, what shall I do?
You need to get a prescription from your doctor for the supplies you need.

How do I pay for the supplies I am receiving?
We accept Medicare and medical and some insurance that would pay for your medical supplies.

How do I know what medical supplies I need for my medical condition?
We will assess your needs and address them accordingly.

What shall I do if I have questions about the supplies I just received?
If you have any questions or concerns about the supplies you have just received you can contact 213-480-3072 or for immediate contact call 323-630-2334.

I can’t drive or travel far. How can I get my supplies?
Our clients never have to come to us, we deliver the supplies to your location.